Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Underage Drinking: The Discussion Continues

On Thursday, April 15th, Youth Connect will host a moderated discussion that continues the group’s on-going conversation about the dangers, ramifications, and consequences of underage drinking.

The discussion, which is being held at Edgeworth Elementary, will center around a series of questions that have emerged at previous roundtable presentations dealing with the topic, including:

What can I do as a parent to keep my kids from drinking?

How do I say “no” when all the other kids are drinking?

Even though my kids have graduated, what can I do to support other teens in the area?

As a student, what should I do when my best friend passes out from binge drinking?

How can I keep track of my kids on weekends?

What else is there to do if students don’t find a place to party?

How do I tell other parents that it’s wrong to allow students to drink alcohol at their house?

This event begins at 7 pm on April 15th, and is free and open to all. Edgeworth Elementary School is located at 200 Meadow Lane. For more information on this important upcoming event, or to find out more about Youth Connect, email