Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Crisis Text Line: Turning “Hot Moments to a Cool Calm” Virtually

Despite the many positives that come with advances in technology, virtual communication has been marked for years by its facilitation of cyber bullying and its tendency to perpetuate bad choices in the teen population.

Nancy Lublin, however, has found a way to turn this problem around. Initially partnering with a data scientist, an engineer, and Link2Health Solutions, Lublin of founded Crisis Text Line (CTL) in the hopes of providing crisis solutions instantaneously.

CTL is based on the belief that adolescents and young adults are already comfortable with the medium of text, so reaching out for help through their phones is only natural. Thus, more individuals are likely to use this free platform in times of trouble, and CTL is able to help more people avoid harmful decisions.

The CLT crisis team consists of volunteers that are extensively trained over six weeks, partner crisis center organizations, and expert supervisors who lead these counselors. So when an individual is facing any situation, from cyber hazing to suicidal thoughts, he can text in to CTL and receive emotional support or helpful referrals anonymously and instantaneously.

CTL is upfront about not being a substitute for regular therapy or doctor’s appointments. But it is passionate about connecting those in crisis to “active listeners,” and CTL has already sent over 8,668,953 texts aiding individuals in changing their potentially risky behaviors into “safe and healthy” decisions.

To find out more about CLT, its new international division, or how you can become involved, visit To receive help from CLT text “Start” to 741-741 at any time.

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