Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SVCF joins supporters of Youth Connect and Youth Worker!

Youth Connect is pleased to announce that the Sewickley Valley Community Fund (SVCF) has pledged a two-year, $5000/year matching grant in support of the Community Youth Worker program. For every two dollars that Youth Connect is able to raise, SVCF will contribute one dollar.

The Community Youth Worker position was piloted over the past year, with great success. Funding is now being assembled to cover the next three years. Floyd Faulkner, hired in August 2009, has had significant impact in this position, from taking yoga classes with middle schoolers to counseling students caught in the judicial system. Youth Connect has already received funding commitments from a number of community foundations and individuals who have first-hand experience with the value of having a Community Youth Worker.

As Marnie Haines, a director of SVCF said, “ Youth Connect, acting within the eleven municipalities, and with the backing of the Quaker Valley School District and other local organizations, is an organization and a program that SVCF believes deserves our support.”

One of the key drivers for this position was the realization that while this community is rich in resources, many of the youth cannot easily access them. The Youth Worker position was designed with the plan to better connect our youth to these resources. The position is administered by Quaker Valley School District, housed at Laughlin Center, and advised by a committee consisting of representatives from the community. This spirit of collaboration is consistent with the values of Sewickley Valley Community Fund.

Individuals interested in making a donation or pledge of support to continue the work of Mr. Faulkner are encouraged to contact Susan Kaminski at 412-741-1430, or youthconnect@hotmail.com. Each gift made in the next two years will help Youth Connect access the matching grant of the Sewickley Valley Community Fund.

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