Monday, February 13, 2012

"Cyber-Smarts" presentation at SA open to all parents

On Wednesday morning, March 14th, Sewickley Academy will host a presentation for parents regarding internet safety. More details will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, here's a bit about the presentation:

Cyber-Smarts for the Digital Generation
Teens are building resumes with grades, activities, sports, music, and… their Facebook Profile. Do you know how college admissions officers and future employers are looking at technology profiles? How do they look and what counts? Will negative free speech impact your future career? How many friends is enough friends in your network?

Does anyone get in trouble for using Limewire or BitTorrent programs? Who is at the other side of your Skype sessions and Chatroulette spins? Whom are we socializing with during X-Box live outings and Halo episodes? Do you know how predators and thieves use Twitter, Facebook, and Club Penguin to locate their next targets? Identity theft, intellectual property issues, and HotorNot ratings… the landscape of today’s technology is an new path, not always well-planned for most of us. Do you read the Terms and Conditions of use of all the .com’s housing your data and identifiable information?

Attendees of all “skill-levels” will benefit from this interactive program as it effectively bridges the gap between parents and their children caused by the explosive growth of the Internet, video games, and other popular technologies. These technologies have revolutionized youth social scenes in ways we are only beginning to understand and unfortunately many of us are only scratching a perceived
practical surface.

In this session, facilitators lead the audience through a tour of live websites frequented by adolescents and discuss insights on youth online behavior. Our presenter’s insights into online behavior are gleaned from research, experience, insider-information from today’s teens as well as partnerships with technology-focused institutions and the FBI. The program covers everything from deciphering secret IM chat codes to comprehending the techniques of online pornographers to
venturing into online gaming. Come, be challenged, and enjoy our cyber-trip!

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