Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transformation 2013

Last Friday, Quaker Valley Middle School hosted an event called Transformation 2013 that centered on the idea of respect and personal responsibility. Students had the chance to listen to various guest speakers, watch a video created by Jamal Woodson (below), and reflect on the lessons that they received.

Mrs. Kiya Tomlin - fashion designer, entrepreneur, speaker, and wife of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, shared with the girls the importance of self respect through the way that we dress and treat our bodies. 

Mr. Jamal Woodson - business leader, owner of a Pittsburgh recording studio, and basketball coach, spoke to the boys about motivation, goal-setting, and how to acheive high dreams.

Mr. Floyd Faulkner - Quaker Valley Community Youth Worker, trusted friend and role model, shared about the importance of good decision-making as well as the consequences that come from those decisions. 

Mr. Burke Moser, Mr. Dante Piccolo, & Mr. Kendall Luton - Three young men from Quaker Valley High School who shared personal advice and experiences with the middle school students. Each of these young men was chosen due to their reputations in leadership, academic excellence, and sportsmanship at Quaker Valley. 

The event was a success, bringing Quaker Valley's core value of respect to the forefront of the middle school students' minds. You can get a taste of the theme of the event by watching the video clip that was shown, below:

Video created by Jamal Woodson for QVMS's Transformation 2013 event.

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