Friday, September 20, 2013

Summerbridge High School Mentor Opportunity

             Since 1993, Sewickley Academy has been home to Summerbridge Pittsburgh, which serves students from low-income families by helping them realize their academic potential. Summerbridge plays a critical role in allowing these students to achieve their academic goals as they move through high school and towards their college years by providing them with support, connections and resources where similar opportunities would not otherwise be available.
Summerbridnge is not only an excellent opportunity for the students it assists, but also for high school and college students interested in pursuing careers in education and youth-services through job and volunteer opportunities. This year, Summerbridge is expanding its services through a high school mentoring program with the intention of generating more significant face time and interactions with their students throughout the school year. High School Mentors have the opportunity to be positive role models, advisers, sounding boards, and advocates for these student.
Mentors are assigned to mentor Summerbridge high school students at a designated Pittsburgh high school. Mentors will visit this high school once a month, during school hours in the school year (September – May), meeting individually with each of their students (approximately 10–15 students per high school). In these individual meetings, mentors will check students’ academic progress, collect report cards, advise on academic enrichment activities and the college search process, and provide other additional support per the request of the Summerbridge High School Program Director. Throughout the month, mentors will also conduct follow-up phone calls or emails with students and their families as needed. Approximate time commitment: 5–10 hours per month.
Mentors must also commit to one half-day training in September with Summerbridge staff members as well as monthly phone calls or meetings with the Summerbridge High School Program Director.

Requirements: Applicant must submit an application, Act 33/34 and FBI clearances, as well as an interview with Summerbridge staff.

If you are interested in applying to be a high school mentor, please visit:

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