Friday, February 14, 2014

Leadership Coach to address local high school students and families at next Youth Connect event!

Youth Connect’s next community event, scheduled for Saturday, March 8th , will be a presentation by Dr. Leslie Braksick, entitled “#clarityandconfidence”.  Geared toward high school students and their families, Dr. Braksick’s conversation will offer a framework for avoiding stressors and navigating high school choices and trade-offs.  

The presentation is a recap and continuation of a very popular talk Dr. Braksick delivered to students and faculty at Sewickley Academy’s upper school last year that went viral in hard copy format. Touching on the highlights from that speech, and delving more deeply into the importance of good decision-making skills, #clarityandconfidence is sure to be another valuable Youth Connect presentation.

The talk is scheduled to run from 11 and until 12:15 pm on Saturday, 8 March 2014 in the dining hall of the Sewickley Presbyterian Church; Sewickley Academy’s Home and School Association will provide a complimentary lunch to attendees.  

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