Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School Safety

Letter from Dr. Clapper, Superintendent 
of Quaker Valley School District

Dear Quaker Valley Families:

As you know, school safety is paramount at Quaker Valley. We depend upon partnerships between our parents, students, staff members, law enforcement officials and others within our community to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for all. Open communication is crucial and we are extraordinarily appreciative of our parents' willingness to call us when there is a concern or issue.

Yesterday afternoon, Osborne elementary students discovered a closed pocketknife on the school bus. A parent immediately contacted the school and the pocketknife was subsequently delivered to the school principal, Dr. Barbara Mellett. As a precaution, the Sewickley Police Department was called to investigate.

School buses are used for multiple bus runs each day. The school district is closely examining the rosters of those who rode that bus yesterday. However innocent the possession of a pocket or Swiss army knife may be, please remind your child that it is against district policy to take such an item to school - possession of which would result in expulsion.

Each of us must do everything we can to keep our schools safe. We are extremely grateful to those who called Osborne Elementary yesterday. It is vital that parents talk with their children about what they would do in a similar situation and the importance of reporting such a finding to an adult as soon as possible.

We urge students and parents to share concerns and information with our teachers, counselors, principals or any school or law enforcement official with whom they feel comfortable. If you or your child are not comfortable talking with a teacher or other staff member, reports may be made anonymously on the district's tip-line 412-749-3633 or from our district website (look for QV Tipline under the Quick Links drop down menu). I assure you that each report is taken seriously, investigated fully, and remains private.

Thank you for helping to keep our schools and community safe. School safety is everyone's business.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Joseph H. Clapper

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