Friday, May 5, 2017

Parents - "13 Reasons Why" you should read this message!

In a recent Youth Connect meeting all in attendance had heard about the Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" that many young people (pre-teens as well as teens) are watching.  It is extremely compelling and disturbing as it could be construed as glorifying teen suicide, excessive drinking, and other high risk behaviors.  

Clinical experts are worried that the show may lead to "Suicide contagion", or the risk of copy-cat behavior among those who are watching the series.  

Here are several links to stories about the series in the news:

If your teen is watching this series please consider watching it together or separately, then discuss what you have seen. 

If you feel that your teen needs help here are a few resources for you in addition to your school counselors:  

If there is an immediate threat to someone's health call 911.  

You can also get help from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Locally you can contact the experts at the Samaritan Counseling Center:

Sewickley Academy's librarian put together a list of books for teens with characters facing metal illness challenges.  A link to this list is here:

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